Womens Manual Folding

Women's Manual Folding Umbrella Collection

This collection of manual folding umbrellas for women features lightweight, premium umbrellas in a variety of canopy options that runs the gamut from playful and colourful to sophisticated and understated. Made from high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship, Fulton umbrellas blur the lines between fashion accessories and functional rain cover. 

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Showing all 2 results

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Showing all 33 results

Discover our Ladies Manual Umbrella Selection

Our selection Of manual open umbrella options for women includes models in various sizes and a rich palette of colours, patterns and styles. Whether you are looking for a compact mini umbrella to keep in your purse for those unexpected showers, or a fashionable umbrella with a wrist strap for hands-free flaunting, your search for your ideal lightweight umbrella ends here. 

Strong Frames, Creative Canopies

 Fulton umbrellas make a major departure from the stereotype of clunky, low-quality umbrellas that are inconvenient to carry and difficult to use. Manual folding Fulton umbrellas offer vital protection from the elements, however, they are also stylish accessories that reflect your personal taste. 

Whether you prefer a classic design or a more modern look, there is an easy-to-use Fulton manual umbrella that suits your needs. Thanks to constant advancements in materials and construction, our umbrellas are now better than ever at withstanding whatever the day has in store for them. 

Enjoy the Refined Simplicity of a Manual Open Umbrella

Manual umbrellas have many benefits compared to their automatic counterparts. Women, in particular, can appreciate their compact and lightweight design for easy carrying in a purse or bag. 

The manual opening and closing also means that there is no risk of the umbrella malfunctioning and getting stuck in the open or closed position. And, in case of a strong gust of wind, manual umbrellas give the user complete control to close them efficiently without risking damage to the mechanism. So, for convenience, reliability, and practicality, manual umbrellas are definitely worth considering.

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