Do you repair umbrellas?

We discontinued our repair service several years ago, as in most cases the cost was uneconomical.

How should I care for my umbrella?

Although all of our umbrellas use corrosion resistant materials, it is best to leave the umbrella open to dry as soon as you can. The fabric should be cleaned using a soft cloth moistened with plain water as detergents may remove the waterproof coating.

I am a retailer and am interested in stocking Fulton products, who should I contact?

For trade enquiries please email our Customer Service Deparment at info@fultonumbrellas.ca

I have lost the case for my umbrella, do you sell replacements?

Unfortunately we do not hold stock of cases or spare components.

My umbrella was damaged in the wind, is it covered under your warranty?

No umbrella brands cover wind damage under their warranty. Whilst we make every effort to design the most reliable umbrellas using the strongest, highest quality materials, we do not cover damage due to wind or wear and tear.

What do the numbers after the product name (e.g. Tiny-1) mean?

The number denotes whether the umbrellas uses plain fabric (odd numbers eg, 1,3, 11, 23…) or printed fabric (even numbers eg 2,4…).

What does 'wind resistant frame' mean?

All Fulton umbrellas are highly engineered to minimise the risk of damage in winds. We achieve this by designing our umbrella frames with additional flexibility which reduces the stress on the ribs. Most of our umbrellas are designed to even withstand inversion (when the umbrella flips inside out) which acts as a safety valve and prevents the ribs from breaking. The umbrella should easily return to its normal shape without any damage, simply by closing it in the normal way.

Which is your lightest umbrella?

The Superslim-1 and Superslim-2 models are the lightest umbrellas that we produce at around 158g, weighing the same as a bunch of keys.

Which is your most compact umbrella?

The Tiny-1 and Tiny-2 models are ideally suited for handbags and are our most compact umbrellas, folding down to just 15cm length, 6cm width and 3cm depth.

Which is your strongest umbrella?

Our PERFORMANCE range of umbrellas, consisting of the Cyclone golf umbrella, the Tornado automatic vented umbrella and the Hurricane compact umbrella use the most advanced high specification materials and components, and are specifically designed for wind resistance.