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In this Fulton umbrella collection, the refined styling provided by renowned brands and artists unites with the quality craftsmanship and construction of Fulton Umbrellas to create a diverse collection of eye-catching designs.

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Showing all 24 results

Designers and Brands 

In partnership with top designers and brands, we have brought the same approach to umbrella design and construction that earned Fulton a Royal Warrant to provide umbrellas to the Royal Family to create the next generation of fashion-forward umbrellas. Whether you are looking for clear umbrellas, windproof umbrellas that can tackle gusts with ease, or a sophisticated ladies walking umbrella that is sure to get noticed, you can find what you are looking for here!

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness first gained notoriety in 1989, thanks to her boundary-pushing approach to fashion. The critical acclaim was instantaneous and unanimous, setting the stage for Lulu Guinness stores across the globe. Now the holder of various lifetime achievement awards and widespread recognition in the fashion world, Lulu Guinness has partnered with Fulton Umbrellas, creating a line of umbrellas imbued with her unique perspective and style. 

Morris & Co.

William Morris is widely recognized as one of the most influential designers of the 19th Century, earning global celebrity status for his prints. Today, those enduring designs have been given new life thanks to a range of individually hand finished Fulton Umbrellas that use only the highest quality materials and achieve the highest engineering standards. 

The National Gallery

The National Gallery, founded in 1824, is situated in Trafalgar Square, London. Holding a collection of over two thousand paintings and tracing hundreds of years of history, the National Gallery displays all major traditions of Western European painting.  The National Gallery Collection by Fulton features high-quality umbrellas printed with some of Western Europe’s most iconic painted images. 

Diamond Collection

Our most exclusive range of luxury umbrellas for men and women, the Fulton Diamond Collection pays homage to over 60 years of British heritage. Offering the ultimate in luxury umbrellas, the Diamond Collection exclusively uses the finest woven fabrics, distinguished woods, superior quality leather and advanced hardware. 


A contemporary fusion of vintage Americana, Japanese-inspired graphics and British styling, the distinctive Superdry brand has risen to international levels. With the Superdry Collection from Fulton Umbrellas, you get the best of both worlds–expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials from Fulton fused with eye-catching designs and bold prints.