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Fulton UV Umbrella Collection

With the eco-friendly umbrellas and totes in the ECO Range UV collection, you can protect yourself from the elements, add to your style and show your care for the environment all at once. 

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Showing all 3 results

Eco-Friendly Umbrellas Made from Recycled Materials

Our impressive collection of ECO UV umbrellas uses 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fabric made from recycled plastics to create long-lasting and durable sun protection umbrellas. Provide the protection your body needs from harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays with an environmentally friendly umbrella that gives new life to recyclable materials. 

To protect your skin from powerful UV rays, our collection of lightweight ECO-range UV umbrellas are designed to protect against the sun for up to UPF50+. Our umbrellas are inspired by nature to protect against the harmful elements of nature. Fall in love with an elephant or bee-themed umbrella that protects against the scorching sun. 

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Fulton umbrellas have long been associated with quality and style. Now, with our new ECO range, we’re also helping to do our part for the environment. These high-quality umbrellas are made from recyclable materials and are designed to offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. By choosing a Fulton ECO umbrella, you’ll be stylish and sun-safe while also helping to reduce your impact on the planet.