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What Umbrella Does Queen Elizabeth Use?

Queen Elizabeth carrying Fulton umbrella

What Umbrella Does Queen Elizabeth Use?

Royals from HM the Queen down to Kate Middleton have been spotted staying dry at public events thanks to a stylish and fashionable clear-domed birdcage umbrella. Sporting regal and transparent birdcage umbrellas allow royals to perform their duties while maintaining high visibility to the public, even in inclement weather, which often begs the question: “What umbrella does Queen Elizabeth use?” 

Fortunately, HM The Queen’s preferred choice of umbrella is no royal secret; it is the Fulton birdcage umbrella

In this article, we will explore some of the histories behind Fulton umbrellas, and how they came to be the preferred choice of HM The Queen and so many other members of the Royal Family. 

Fulton Birdcage umbrella

What is Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Umbrella?

HM Queen Elizabeth prefers bespoke Fulton umbrellas. The Queen Mother was known for her careful colour coordination, a trait Queen Elizabeth has taken great pains to carry on. Every year, the Queen’s dress maker sends swatches of colour to Fulton so that it can create a line of clear umbrellas with a line of colour that will match every outfit the Queen wears for the rest of the year. This extra step is why all of the Queen’s umbrellas match her Royal Ascot and every other item she wears.

The result is absolutely charming, and a lot of great press for the Fulton birdcage umbrella, which has plenty of other royal fans throughout Buckingham Palace, including TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.

Fulton Umbrellas Have Earned their Royal Warrant

Established in 1956, Fulton Umbrellas is the largest supplier of umbrellas and rainwear in the United Kingdom today. While Fulton has been providing the Royal Family with its trademarked birdcage umbrellas for decades, it officially obtained its royal warrant of appointment in 2008. 

This mark of recognition is issued to those who supply the Royal Court or members of the Royal Family with goods or services, serving as a testament to the company’s superior quality products and excellent service. Its willingness to work with the royal family and produce samples for its most famous customer instantly endeared it to the public. 

Fulton Umbrellas remains synonymous with quality and elegance, and the company continues to be a leading supplier of umbrellas to royals and celebrities alike. The birdcage umbrella is Fulton’s most iconic design, and it has been featured in numerous films and television shows over the years.

Fit for a Queen: More About Queen Elizabeth’s Umbrellas

Fulton aims to brighten the day of its British and Canadian clients by creating umbrellas and rainwear that stand both the test of time and the rainy climates. Quality is the cornerstone of Fulton’s success and why Queen Elizabeth has always preferred high-visibility birdcage umbrellas.

While you may not be able to perfectly coordinate your daily outfits to Birdcage umbrellas quite as perfectly as HM The Queen, Fulton offers a wonderful choice of color schemes and many pattern references. With models designed for men, women, and children, Fulton Umbrellas has got the whole family covered.