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Exploring Kate Middleton’s Fashion

Woman walking on the street while holding an umbrella over her

Exploring Kate Middleton’s Fashion

The British royal family truly knows how to make a fashion statement. Kate Middleton, is considered one of the most graceful and elegantly dressed Royals today. Whether it’s dressing for Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee or wearing gold earrings to match her elegant outfits during the royal tour, the Duchess of Cambridge has style moments that catch everyone’s attention. 

In this post, we explore Kate Middleton’s style and take a look at how she accessorizes her elegant outfits.

Matching the Umbrella With Her Outfit

Woman holding umbrella with light under the starry sky

When it comes to the Canadian and British weather, you never know when it’ll start pouring. That’s why having an umbrella handy is always a good idea! However, a bulky-looking umbrella can ruin your outfit more than the rain. The Royal Family, and especially the future Queen Consort of England, take this dilemma into consideration before their public appearances. 

Kate Middleton uses umbrellas as an accessory to enhance her royal look. No matter the weather, Kate knows how to look her best. When it comes to accessorizing with her umbrella, Kate can be spotted opting for an umbrella that matches her outfit. During a rainy Pageant Day event, Kate wore a red-colored outfit and paired it with a red style umbrella to complete her outfit and looked flawless, even in the rain. 

Even other members of the royal family, such as Prince William and Prince Harry can be spotted using umbrellas that match their outfits. When they wear a black three-piece suit, their umbrellas are usually a dark shade of blue or black in color.

Umbrella Designs

From her famous wedding dressing in 2011 to her timeless pearl earrings, the Duchess of Cambridge has always opted for elegant accessories that make a statement. And when it comes to choosing her umbrella, there’s no exception. 

Kate Middleton style umbrellas have become all the rage and there’s no surprise why. She can be seen flaunting a clear birdcage-style umbrella that provides complete head and shoulder coverage while not having to compromise her vision. Even at red-carpet events, the Duchess wore a stunning outfit that was paired with a non-traditional umbrella. 

Kate’s outfits are often inspired by fashionable members of the royal family. Her Majesty The Queen was often spotted in a clear Birdcage Fulton umbrella with the rim of her umbrella matching the color of her outfit. Kate was also spotted using a Birdcage umbrella at special red-carpet events. Her umbrella designs enhance the appearance of her gracious outfits while serving the practical purpose of protecting her from the rain.

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